Learning by Doing, The Power of Experiential Learning in Management Education, international summit for faculty and program managers, lima peru, hosted by ESAN Business School, CLADEA

Companies around the world seek graduates who not only have technical knowledge, but also the ability to apply that knowledge in diverse and dynamic environments. Experiential learning opportunities are an effective way to give students the leadership and team skills they need to successfully operate across borders and cultures, and provide host organizations with valuable insights to grow or improve performance. GBSN invites you to a highly interactive, international summit March 15 – 16, 2018 on Experiential Learning that provides an in depth examination on how schools use real-world projects to give their students an impactful learning experience.

At GBSN’s second “Learning by Doing” summit in Phnom Penh in 2016, business school deans, directors and faculty from a dozen countries explored approaches to applying experiential learning to management education and opportunities to increase multi-sector engagement in management education in the Asia Pacific region, particularly with the private sector. The summit, held in Peru, builds on the success of that event while focusing on the Latin America region. The summit will convene colleagues from across the globe with a shared interest in experiential learning to

  • Discover innovative approaches to applying action based learning to curricula with an emphasis on the Latin America context
  • Explore opportunities to increase multi-sector engagement in management education within the region
  • Engage with international peers to share experiences, best practices, and lessons learned
  • Design an experiential learning program that can be applied to your management education curricula

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About the Co-Hosts

The Global Business School Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening management, entrepreneurial and leadership talent for the developing world through better access to quality, locally relevant education. GBSN harnesses the power of a network of nearly 70 leading business schools that share a dedication to our mission to build management education capacity for the developing world.

The Latin American Council of Management Schools – CLADEA is an international network that brings together institutions of higher education and organizations dedicated to teaching and research in the field of administration. Currently, CLADEA has 240 member institutions – both private and public – belonging to Latin America, North America, Europe and Oceania. 

CLADEA develops cooperation activities between directors and academics from different countries and maintains links with the main academic institutions of the world. It offers a membership that guarantees an academic quality certification for business schools. 

Universidad ESAN is a Peruvian, private, international, non-profit institution with academic and management autonomy, offering master’s degrees in administration, thirteen specialized master’s degrees, nine professional careers at the undergraduate level, as well as specialization programs for executives, research, consulting and other academic and professional services.

Universidad ESAN, being the educational institution with the most recognized trajectory in the world of business in the country, offers each student a solid formation with high academic quality. This coupled with its international prestige and close relationships with major universities and academic institutions around the world, allows it to be the only ones to offer its undergraduate and postgraduate students the possibility of obtaining a double international degree , as well as participating in international student exchanges. with top-level institutions in more than 70 countries, as a differential to their preparation to successfully face the challenges of a globalized world. 

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