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2021 International Challenge for Integrated Simulation and Decision Making in Economics

Competition Overview

The International Challenge for Data Analysis and Decision Making in Economics is an international economic event for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Teams need to pass the preliminary round before they can enter the final to compete for the top prize and have a chance to win a $10,000 cash prize.

The competition uses the Integrated Simulation Training Platform for Economics V2.2, the first part of which is Microeconomic Rational Decision Making. The business operations in this part, the vendor competition modules in the software, include cash management module, raw material and factor supply, market demand bidding, production/delivery/technology renovation, government supervision, etc. In this part the software automatically scores each group by comparing their final equity. Part two is macroeconomic regulation and forecasting. In this part each team runs for government every year, enacts macroeconomic policies, and regulates the economy to achieve desired goals. And the other non-elected groups can forecast economic indicators. The software will automatically score groups based on their achievement of macro goals or forecast accuracy.

Entry Requirements

There is no restriction on the amount of teams per university. No requirement for major, but the contestants should be postgraduate, undergraduate with relevant knowledge (each team should have at most one postgraduate). What is more, each team of 2-3 students must have 1-3 instructors, and 1 teacher can also instruct more than one team, but each student can only participate in one team.

Participating in the preliminaries need to reach 240 points through practice.

Registration Process

1. Enter the official website of the competition to register and submit your registration information online at: global.jiecl.com.
2. By June 7, 2021(China time), the tournament organizers will announce the successfully registered teams on the official website.
3. Costs: There are no registration or entry fees, but if you need certificates and medals, you will pay for them.

Training Schedule

Training will take place from April to May 2021 on Online Zoom and will feature learning videos (contains a series of competition tips videos) and quick entry strategy.

Registration Information

To register, visit http://global.jiecl.com/lan-en/index.aspx?competitionid=3872010358759755000

Key Deadlines and Dates

  • May 31st, 2021: Registration deadline (24:00 China time)
  • April – May 2021: Online training
  • June 2021: Preliminary contest time
  • June 7th, 2021: Announce successfully registered teams
  • September – October 2021: Final competition date
  • October 2021: Award ceremony (in-person COVID permitting)