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GBSN-EPIC Fellows Program

The GBSN-EPIC Fellows Program is a partnership between the Global Business School Network and the Social Ventures Foundation. GBSN-EPIC Fellows are business school faculty members, retired faculty members and entrepreneurs in residence providing volunteer mentorship to undergraduate students participating in the inaugural year of the EPIC Teams Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program. 

The program begins this February of 2022, in Costa Rica and then expands to other Central American nations in September 2022.  The EPIC Teams Program engages student teams to ideate, incubate and pitch their social venture solutions to local poverty challenges. 

GBSN-EPIC Fellows will virtually mentor a student team of up 5 students to facilitate their entrepreneurial development of a social venture. They will then mentor their Team’s preparation for their EPIC national competition. to help them win prize money that will enable their Team to conduct a commercial proof of concept.  The GBSN-EPIC Fellow will commit to spend up to 5 hours a month for up to four months mentoring their assigned EPIC Team.

The inaugural year of the GBSN-EPIC Fellows Program has only 25 mentor positions available and is seeking those with extensive entrepreneurial experience and a passion for using their experience to make a social impact.



About EPIC

EPIC engages the next generation of entrepreneurs in developing social ventures that provide solutions to poverty reduction challenges. Apply to EPIC to participate in a world class competition, with winners receiving help to scale their social ventures. The top 10 social venture ideas will be selected to compete in the final round Live on Zoom January 20th, 2022 for monetary prizes.

Apply to Be a GBSN-EPIC Fellow

To apply for this opportunity, please complete the online form found on the EPIC website.