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Full-Time Professor: Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC) Brazil

Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC) is looking for full-time research professors in the areas of Strategy, Public Governance and Organizational Behavior. The school requires a workload in accordance with the standards adopted worldwide and candidates will have their institutional link to FDC. Candidates must have a doctorate degree, preferably from an internationally recognized school; be fluent in English, Portuguese or Spanish. Candidates must undertake research that will impact society, organizations and individuals, and have an interest/competence to conduct research and publish in recognized academic journals. We strongly encourage diversity by gender, ethnicity and nationality.

The School

FDC is a leading business school in Brazil. Accredited by Equis, FDC has been continuously ranked by the FT in the world’s top 20 schools for executive education for the past 17 years. FDC aims to be a thought leader, influencing society and promoting the development of executives, entrepreneurs and public managers in areas such as:

  1. Positive impact and sustainable legacies – Businesses and leaders oriented towards the integration of economic, social and environmental development;
  2. Innovation and Digital Transformation – Strategy and management of innovation and digital transformation;
  3. Leadership – Development of conscientious and globalized leaders who transform people, organizations and society;
  4. Public Governance – Development of organizations and public managers to raise the quality of management, accountability, productivity and effectiveness of services;
  5. Strategy and Governance – Formulation, execution and evolution of corporate and business strategies and organizational governance processes;
  6. Development of Medium Enterprises – Development, management and growth strategy, in a global context;
  7. Education and Learning – Processes, technologies and methodologies of education and learning in the work
    context; Research results are expected to contribute to these above areas and be rigorous and relevant, effectively combining theory and practice. FDC is strongly embedded in the business community and maintains relationships with leaders of large and medium-sized companies and non-profit organizations

Fundação Dom Cabral is looking for candidates who:

  • Can competently carry out research that can be applied to academic, executive and social education, and to individual or organizational development;
  • Have articles published in academic journals in their area of expertise or evidence of a pipeline to carry out such publications (such as articles in the peer review process, articles submitted for review);
  • Participate in knowledge networks outside their own academic environment, such as research groups and international organizations in their area of expertise;
  • Seek to adapt cutting-edge knowledge and academic research to an attractive language/ approach for the corporate audience.


Applicants do not necessarily need to reside in Brazil

Candidates with dual affiliation with other schools will not be accepted.

The application must consist of:

• Send your CV to recrutamento@fdc.org.br mentioning AKADEUS in the subject line.
• Presentation of cover letter