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Fundação Dom Cabral- International Student Opportunity

FDC, the 9th best Business School in the world* – based in Brazil – has a unique opportunity for international students. The School offers the possibility of a full educational experience in the country, with no additional cost **.

This experience is made of four international courses, part of FDC´s Specialization in Management Program, that provide an authentic taste of Brazil. From May to July 2023, these courses will focus on what makes Brazil this unique place and what is like to do business in the country, a land full of opportunities, social challenges, and diversity. A fertile ground to discuss and learn about business and social innovation, interculturality, the entertainment industry, and creative economy.

The experience goes beyond the classroom, taking participants to real interactions with local leaders, communities and students, besides visits to traditional entertainment spots. This journey represents a special opportunity of learning through “live cases” and day-by-day management practices.

All international students in a post-graduation program or a master’s degree are welcome!

See the courses:

  • Creative Economy and Global Impacts
  • Entertainment Business Management from Football to Carnival in Brazil, part 1
  • Entertainment Business Management from Football to Carnival in Brazil, part 2
  • Diversity and Interculturality

15h each discipline, 3 ECTS, from May to July, 2023. The courses are offered in person.

These courses take place at FDC’s Belo Horizonte City Campus.