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Global Academy – Insper

The Global Academy is an Insper’s portfolio of short-term courses designed for undergraduate students from Brazilian and international institutions with relevant topics in entrepreneurship, innovation, ESG, and technology, among others. In 2024 it will be the second edition of the program. Insper’s short-term program offers an enriching academic experience that equips you for new challenges and opportunities in Brazil and overseas.

Classes are intensive, full-time, taught in English, and with a minimum of 40 hours of contact per course. As a credit-bearing program, students can have equivalences for elective courses at Insper or as per the policies of their respective educational institutions.

During the program, students will visit companies and institutions to enhance their market knowledge and participate in extracurricular activities that foster international experience and sociocultural awareness.


Students must be attending an undergraduate program. In addition, be at least 18 years old, over the age of majority in Brazil, and submit their university enrollment certificate.

To access more information on dates, fees and program details, go to the page for each course.

For further questions, please contact us through the email: globalacademy@insper.edu.br