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Hanken School of Economics Master’s Degree Program Premium Scholarship

The Hanken School of Economics is offering two scholarships to students from developing countries to join the Hanken two-year Master’s Degree program in the academic year 2021-2022 in Finland. Eligible candidates are degree students enrolled at GBSN members schools from developing countries as of 1 November 2021, and alumni with a university degree from a school located in the countries listed below as of 1 November 2021.

Two successful candidates will receive the Hanken Premium Scholarship, which covers full tuition fee for two years (equivalent to 12500 EUR/year) and 8000 EUR/year for living expenses. 

The application period is 1 November 2021 – 14 January 2022 at 15:00 (GMT +2)

General Information

The Hanken School of Economics is a leading, internationally accredited university with over a hundred years of experience in education and research in economics and business administration.

A Master’s degree from Hanken provides you the opportunity to specialize in your field of interest, be it Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Humanitarian Logistics, or even IP Law. 

The Hanken Master’s Program in a nutshell:

  • The MSc in Economics and Business Administration is a two-year leadership and business program 
  • Master’s programs are taught entirely in English. In addition, you can choose track to specialize in certain field. We strongly encourage you to go abroad on an exchange.

When you have completed a Master’s Degree at Hanken, you will have a higher education degree in which you have gained a thorough knowledge of your major subject or programme from an academic point of view as well as relevant for your future career.


Hanken alumni are well-placed on the job market holding leading positions both nationally and globally. Your studies at Hanken prepare you for a future career in e.g. financial advisory or management, consulting, auditing, industry, media, public administration or non-profit organizations. You will also be well-equipped to continue with PhD studies in Finland or abroad.


Business and Management

  • International Strategy and Sustainability
  • Marketing
  • Humanitarian Logistics
  • Marketing and Management (Vaasa)

Financial Analysis and Business

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Governance and Commercial Law


Intellectual Property Law

Master’s Degree Program Structure and Learning Goals

The Master’s Degree at Hanken requires a minimum of 120 credits, 60 of which can include transferred credits. Master’s students are required to take courses in their major area of study as well as a research methods course, research seminar, language studies, elective courses and a Master’s Thesis. The graduate students are also required to take a maturity test which tests your mastery of your thesis subject.

To learn more about the Master’s Degree Program Structure, click here.


By earning a Master’s Degree at Hanken, you will gain a thorough knowledge of the subject material from an academic standpoint but also be equipped to excel at your future career.

Each Hanken program has four learning goals that are based on the following general knowledge and competence areas:

  1. Knowledge in economic sciences and/or the subject area in question.
  2. Academic skills (analytical thinking, methodology, information literacy).
  3. Communication skills (linguistic and communication competence, leadership and other skills).
  4. Skills for working responsibly and in an international environment.

Below you can find the learning goals for the Master’s Program:

Premium Scholarship for GBSN High Potentials from Developing Countries

Graduate-level students currently studying at or alumni of GBSN member schools in developing countries are invited to apply for the Premium Scholarship at the Hanken School of Economics.

Candidates from GBSN member schools in the following countries are eligible to apply:



South Africa

The Hanken School of Economics will extend up to two premium scholarships to its 2-year Master’s Program to students applying from GBSN Member Schools located in developing countries. The premium scholarship includes:

  • Full tuition fee for two years (equivalent to 12,500 EUR/year)
  • 8,000 EUR per year for living expenses

To be considered as a GBSN Scholar for the Premium Scholarship, candidates must be a student or alum of a GBSN member school by November 1, 2021. 

How to Apply?

Please read the instructions carefully and take into consideration the specialization/track-specific requirements!

The Hanken Premium Scholarships are awarded based on the applicant’s academic excellence.

Applying for the scholarships is integrated with the application for Master’s Degree studies. Please visit the application portal in order to apply the Master’s Degree program.

The application period is:

1 November 2021 – 14 January 2022 at 15:00 (GMT +2)

Register in the application portal and get a head start on your application.

Admission Requirements

The Hanken Master’s Degree Program offers you great opportunities to specialize in your field of interest.

Financial Analysis and Business Development
Business and Management

Intellectual Property Law


“Hanken is a world of its own. With so much diversity, it is as though all the world network is connected at a single platform.  These international networks that we are forming during our time here will prove to be so much more important when we all go out in our respective fields and find that we are all still connected and available to help each other whenever the need may arise.

Hanken is also invested in our future. It has provided career counseling services so that students do not get overwhelmed when the time to step out in the real world arises. They also serve as a link between students and future potential employers to ensure that we make the best use of our education.  Similarly, there are various opportunities to get help on assignments and thesis work without any registration required. Hanken also encourages us to grow into multi-dimensional individuals and allows us to study non-degree modules.”

Sohaib Ahmed, 2nd year Master’s student, Financial Analysis and Business Development


For questions related to the admissions requirements and the admissions process, please contact masters@hanken.fi. For specific questions regarding the academic aspects or content of the majors, see contact information under each major.

About Hanken School of Economics

Hanken is a leading, internationally accredited university with over a hundred years of experience in education and research in economics and business administration. Our research is of an international high standard and is the foundation for all education. Hanken has close ties to the business community and an active alumni network with over 13 800 alumni working in more than 70 countries. The study environment is international and we have campuses in Helsinki and Vaasa, Finland.