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International Startup Championship 2022- Woxsen University, India

Event Overview

A start-up pitch competition geared towards university/college students. To participate in the competition, the student must be currently enrolled either at Woxsen or Woxsen’s International partner universities.

India has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world. It’s raining unicorns in India amid an unprecedented funding spree for Indian startups across sectors. 44 Indian startups have already made it to the unicorn club in 2021.

Do you have an idea that you think could change the world? Are you dreaming about earning millions or even billions of dollars by launching a business around this idea?

At Woxsen University, we firmly believe in bringing up a breed of next gen entrepreneurs and with this initiative, we would like to invite young minds from across the globe to present their business ideas.

The winners stand a chance to get their ideas incubated at Trade Tower- Woxsen’s Incubation Centre.

Points to Note

  • Each university is to nominate a team of interested students with their proposals by 30th January, 2022. No changes shall be made to the proposals post this deadline.
  • Day 1-2nd Feb’ 22 (Wednesday): The students are to login to the virtual zoom link that will be shared with the participants. The teams shall have to present their pitch-deck consisting of but not limited to:
    1. Vision and Value Proposition
    2. The concern
    3. Target market and opportunity
    4. Revenue or business model
    5. Traction and validation/roadmap
    6. Marketing and sales strategy
    7. Financials: sales forecast, income statement (also called profit and loss statement), and cash flow forecast for at least three years
    8. Investment and use of funds
  • Each individual/team would be allotted only 5-10 minutes to present their subsequent idea to the panel and 5 minutes would be allotted to the judges for question and answers session. In case of unforeseen circumstances or lack of time, the remaining teams would be allowed to present the following day.
  • Day 2:4rd Feb’22 (Thursday): The Teams would be required to login to the virtual platform for the closing ceremony. The panel of Judges would announce the winning teams to proceed for incubation of their ideas. Additionally, the winning team also stand a chance to receive one on one mentorship from the esteemed panel of judges.


2nd-3rd February, 2022


The event will be organized virtually on Zoom.

Registration & Fees

INR 5000 per Team (or a Single Person)

Please ensure to complete both steps to confirm your participation.

Industry Focus

The ideas could be geared towards improving lives and transforming industries; such as, but not limited to, healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics, transportation, financial technologies, IoT, augmented reality and agriculture, among others.

Criteria for Selection


In the early stages, investors invest in people. Because of that, judges pay particular attention to the “Founding Team.” They are looking for a team that is multidisciplinary and complementary, with the capacity to implement – a team that is capable of achieving what it sets out to do and that what it sets out to do is ambitious enough.

Market Validation

Judges want to see what level of knowledge you have of the market in which you are competing. What is your capacity to recognize and describe the problem you are solving. You must know and communicate well who your competition is and how you compare with them.


It is important to define your product so that the jury can understand how, in an innovative way, it addresses the market problem being solved. Having a functional market value proposition (MVP) is crucial.

Business Model

Be clear about how you will make money. The jury will want to know: Did you test your market? Do you know the cost of acquiring a customer and their Life Time Value? If you’ve already performed the initial market tests your chances of making it to the end of the competition will greatly increase. And last but not least, the business model should be scalable – it must be global in scope, or at least regional.

Soft Skills

The entrepreneurial team should be assertive and clear when speaking about their startup. The panel will be asking among themselves if the entrepreneurs are capable of “selling” the vision of the company. Besides, the entrepreneurs must be able to position themselves as leaders.

Certificate of Participation

A Certificate of Participation shall be given to all participants.

Top 3 Winners stand a chance to get their Startup ideas incubated by Trade Tower-Woxsen’s Incubation Centre