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International Weeks at FDC, Brazil

FDC – based in Brazil – has a unique opportunity for international students. The School offers the possibility of a full educational experience in the country, with no additional costs*.

This experience is made of four international courses, part of FDC´s Specialization in Management Program, that provide an authentic taste of Brazil. From May to July 2023, these courses will focus on what makes Brazil this unique place and what is like to do business in the country, a land full of opportunities, social challenges, and diversity. A fertile ground to discuss and learn about business and social innovation, interculturality, the entertainment industry, and creative economy.

The experience goes beyond the classroom, taking participants to real interactions with local leaders, communities and students, besides visits to traditional entertainment spots. This journey represents a special opportunity of learning through “live cases” and day-by-day management practices.

Available Courses:

  • Creative Economy and Global Impacts
    Dates: May 22, 23, 24 and 29
    This course approaches in a practical way, filled with real cases, how to be globally in the market generating positive impact for humanity and being creative in business.
  • Entertainment Business Management from Football to Carnival in Brazil, part 1
    Dates: June 16 and 17
    Businesses that were always limited by physical spaces and specific moments now need to expand their experiential possibilities. In this course we will see this through football, carnival and even bars and restaurants.
  • Diversity and Interculturality
    Dates: Jun 19, 20, 21, 26
    This course brings reflections on diversity and interculturality
    to the creative businesses that end up stimulating interaction, understanding and respect for different cultures and
    ethnic groups.
  • Entertainment Business Management from Football to Carnival in Brazil, part 2
    Dates: Jul 14 and 15
    From samba to frevo, from street blocks to Marques de Sapucaí, from bars to samba schools, Carnival and entertainment marketing can be experienced in this discipline through national and international market strategies and experiential movements.

Course Details:

  • 15h each course, 3 ECTS, from May to July 2023.
  • The courses are offered in-person.
  • All international students in a post-graduation program or a master’s degree are welcome
  • *Admission Fee: U$ 120.00

About Fundação Dom Cabral

Fundação Dom Cabral links management theory with practice, academic training with business expertise, and sustainability with client projects. For more than 40 years, FDC has developed executives, public managers, private managers and entrepreneurs from organizations across the globe. The business school provides domestic and international educational solutions that focus on innovative business thinking. These solutions are supported by strategic alliances and cooperation agreements with renowned institutions in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, India, Russia and Latin America. The influential network of schools allows FDC to access additional cutting-edge management tools, share management experiences and generate joint knowledge.
FDC’s philosophy – to work with clients, not simply for them – respects the culture of organizations, the specific needs of diverse industries and market dynamics. The business school has become a global benchmark, contributing to the sustainable development of society through education and training. FDC programs host about 27,000 participants each year, create value for organizations and society and promote sustainable business ventures. ​