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Online Certificate for Fintech in Africa | Centre for Financial Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE)

Why FinTech in Africa?

Africa’s digital economy is rapidly evolving and demonstrating significant growth, with  Business Insider suggesting that African fintech market is anticipated to reach $150 billion by 2025. As digital technology becomes increasingly embraced across the continent, it becomes crucial to develop a skilled workforce capable of driving innovation and progress.

CFTE, Elevandi and Singapore Management University recognise the significance of cultivating a digital workforce in Africa and the importance to upskill the community with the latest Fintech knowledge and enhance the fintech literacy. Therefore, CFTE, Elevandi and Singapore Management University offered this Online Certificate for Fintech in Africa to support 5000 students in Africa and professionals grasp the opportunities in the new world of digital finance.

About the Programme

The Online Certificate for Fintech in Africa is a foundational programme in Fintech. Learners will go through the building blocks of the future of finance: Fintech, AI, Blockchain, RegTech, Payments, Open Banking and Sustainability, while learning the most important trends in the region from ecosystem players.

The programme includes 7 Masterclasses and 6 Sessions of industry insights, launched for the Inclusive Fintech Forum (IFF) 2023. Programme will be available until December 2024.


20 min lectures from experts

Learn the real-world Fintech case study

Earn an industry-accredited certificate by CFTE, Elevandi and Singapore Management University

You will earn a certificate once completing the programme. It can serve as a stepping stone to further advancement in your career.