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Positive Impact Rating 2024 is LIVE NOW!

What is the Positive Impact Rating?

The Positive Impact Rating (PIR) evaluates business schools based on their societal impact and commitment to continuous improvement. Unlike traditional rankings, PIR emphasizes purpose-driven education, aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By joining, schools gain a competitive edge, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and societal impact, and attracting purpose-driven students and partners.

Why Join the Positive Impact:

Showcase Your School

PIR is the only global rating that highlights business schools committed to societal impact and providing a 21st-century education that prepares students for global challenges. More Information

Strengthen Your Accreditation

Many schools utilize PIR’s data to enhance their accreditation reports for organizations like AACSB, EQUIS, and UN PRME. More Information

Support Your Change Process

The rating incorporates student feedback on your school’s societal impact, offering valuable insights for your internal change initiatives. More Information

Compare and Improve

PIR’s Dashboard features downloadable reports and visualized data, allowing you to compare your school’s performance with others and identify areas for improvement. More Information

Partners & Endorsers