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Registration for the Positive Impact Rating (PIR) for Business Schools is Now Open!

We are pleased to share this opportunity for interested schools to join the Positive Impact Rating for Business Schools (PIR) in its 2023 Edition. The PIR is the only global rating that features business schools which embrace a societal purpose and provide a 21st century education for their students. It is students themselves who assess their school on its positive impact. The key benefits for the participating schools are:

  • Showcase your school’s efforts related to societal impact 
  • Add evidence to your accreditation reporting
  • Enhance your internal change processes
  • Compare your progress with the progress of other business schools across regions

Experience suggests that schools best register before the end of November, so that students have enough time to organize the survey completion. 

For the 2023 Edition, the PIR is introducing two new optional features: 1) AACSB compatible questions and 2) School-specific questions. For any questions please contact Nikolay@PositiveImpactRating.org.  

Participate in the PIR

Register for the 2023 Edition of the Positive Impact Rating by 5 March 2023 and join like-minded peers across the world.

Two Steps to PIR Participation

  • Committed student association that will coordinate the PIR assessment and survey data collection in your school.
  • Supportive business school that registers and signs the agreement to pay the participation fee to the PIR Association

AACSB Compatible Questions

Use pre-defined questions designed to provide additional evidence for your efforts in creating positive societal impact as outlined in AACSB’s Standard 9: Engagement and Societal Impact.

Whether your school is already AACSB accredited or working in this regard, the newly added AACSB compatible questions provide an opportunity to align your PIR participation with the expectations set forth by AACSB Business Accreditation Standards.

Four add-on questions (thee Likert scale and one open-ended) have been pre-defined and refer to your school’s strategy, curriculum and student engagement. You will decide the focal area specific to your societal impact efforts.

School Specific Questions

Add new questions specific to your institution to document student perceptions and assessments of key strategic areas and activities of your school related to positive impact.

Use the PIR process to get closer to your students and uncover greater insights into your school’s outcomes and positive impacts. The open add-on questions allow you to tailor your PIR experience to your school’s context more concretely while using our tried and tested PIR Dashboard reporting tool for easy graphical data representation.

You will be able to develop four new questions and decide on specific focal area(s). You can use four possible formats: Likert scale, multiple choice, yes/no, and open-ended questions.

Next Steps

After registration and payment, they will open the survey portal in early November for students to access. The survey will close on 28 February 2023. Student associations are free to decide within this period when the time is right for a focused campaign on campus. The PIR team will provide support and training to use the survey portal.

Participation Fee

The Positive Impact Rating is a not-for-profit association. The annual fee is used exclusively to cover the costs of operating the PIR. 

The core participation fee has been reduced from €1,880 to €1,600 to continue covering the main costs of operating the rating, while introducing optional add-on fees for a more customized PIR experience. The optional add-ons cost €280 each or €480 if you choose to opt in for both as a package.