“Personalized Learning through Generative AI” Virtual Workshop Series

Hosted by the GBSN for Learning Innovations Impact Community

Co-hosted by:

Join a small group of individuals from business schools around the world in a hands-on learning simulation focused on a specific application of generative AI tools in support of personalized learning. Our focus will be on tools that are available at no- to low-cost. 

Each 1.5 hour event includes a brief presentation, followed by a team-based exercise using generative AI. By the end of this series, you will begin to integrate generative AI into your teaching practice.

Who Should Attend

Individuals at GBSN member institutions who are looking to explore ways of integrating generative AI into their teaching practice, especially in ways that enrich and personalize the learning experience. No prior experience with generative AI tools is required. 


Engagement #1: Scripting the Blockbuster: Crafting Your Course Model

Thursday, 8 February at 10:00am EST/ 17:00 CET

Dive into the world of course creation with a cinematic twist. In this session, we’ll explore the art of designing a compelling course module using generative AI. Learn how to set clear learning objectives and create a structured outline with the assistance of AI, ensuring your learners are engaged from start to finish. Just as a blockbuster movie captivates its audience, your course content, powered by generative AI, can do the same, offering personalized and dynamic learning experience.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Apply generative AI and improve your prompt design to draft a course outline that includes storytelling techniques, aimed at enhancing learner interaction and comprehension within a set module.
  • Define at least three specific measurable module learning outcomes for a course by utilizing generative AI.
  • Integrate generative AI into course material creation by developing at least one personalized learning activity that adapts to individual learner responses.
Engagement #2: Director’s Cut: Mastering the Art of Teaching Techniques

Thursday, 4 April at 10:00am EDT/ 17:00 CEST

Step into the director’s chair and discover the nuances of effective teaching enhanced by generative AI. From the interactive dynamics of case teaching and discussions to the intricacies of assignments, grading, and feedback, this session will showcase how AI can streamline and enrich pedagogical methods. Learn how to refine your approach using AI tools, producing your own “director’s cut” of teaching excellence that’s both innovative and impactful.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify and explain at least three distinct ways generative AI can enhance interactive teaching methods. 
  • Formulate a personal teaching strategy that incorporates at least two AI tools to refine your teaching practices, aiming to deliver a more impactful learning experience, and present this strategy in a brief “director’s cut” format.
  • Create a detailed plan for an AI-enhanced assignment, including criteria for grading and feedback mechanisms, for improved efficiency and student engagement.
Engagement #3: Beyond the Matrix: Fostering Critical Thought and Authentic Connections

Thursday, 13 June at 10:00 EDT/ 17:00 CEST

In a world overflowing with information, guiding learners to think critically becomes paramount. This session delves into the role of generative AI in nurturing critical thinking skills and humanizing the learning process. Explore strategies that use AI to foster genuine understanding, encourage authentic student interactions, and build meaningful connections in the classroom. With the power of generative AI, break free from the confines of conventional teaching and journey beyond the matrix to a realm of enhanced, personalized learning.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Formulate a strategy for embedding generative AI into the teaching framework that elevates student participation and fosters a sense of community within the learning environment.
  • Identify at least two specific strategies for using generative AI to promote critical thinking skills among learners.
  • Construct an exercise that leverages AI to enhance student dialogue and problem-solving abilities, with a focus on applying analytical skills to practical challenges.

Apply to Participate

This workshop will be held virtually across three closed online sessions. There is no fee to participate; however, chosen participants must be able to attend the sessions indicated in their application. Applications are now closed.

Participants Receive

  1. A “playbook” for using generative AI for the selected personalized learning application. 
  2. Insights into outcomes and challenges of real-world applications.
  3. Experience working with your workshop team to apply the playbook in a simulated personalized learning challenge. 
  4. Connections with others around the world who are similarly focused on emerging opportunities for personalized learning. 
  5. Access to the discussion community for sharing & reacting to emerging news and opinion pieces on the use of generative AI in education and personalized learning.


  • Tawnya Means

    Assistant Dean for Educational Innovation and Chief Learning Officer
    Gies College of Business, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Suzanne Dove

    Assistant Vice President for Strategy and Innovation and Executive Director
    Badavas Center, Strategy and Innovation, Bentley University

About the GBSN for Learning Innovations Impact Community

The Learning Innovations Impact Community of GBSN is a global network of professionals with a shared interest in accelerating and scaling our ability to improve student learning in business education. We represent a range of backgrounds and experience levels in this space. 

We are especially focused on transforming pedagogy through experimentation and evidence-based actions that improve relevancy, quality and access in business education around the globe. 

To achieve this goal we will:

  1. Connect individuals with curiosity, ideas, expertise, and aspirations
  2. Facilitate discourse and discovery (idea-sharing)
  3. Cultivate experimentation and collaborative learning that broadens business schools’ adoption of evidence-based, innovative teaching and learning strategies. 

Contact Information

For any questions, please email Julie LaBelle, jlabelle@gbsn.org.