Andre Kreie

Director Logistics Education – Emerging & Developing Countries (LEED)

Kühne Foundation

Andre Kreie (PhD) is Director Logistics Education with the Kühne-Foundation based in Schindellegi, Switzerland. He is a Business Economist and holds a PhD and Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK. Dr Kreie completed a professional multi-year traineeship with a logistics company to understand and apply all operational procedures required in sea-, air-, and land-transportation. Prior to joining the Kühne-Foundation, Dr Kreie gained further work experience in the supply chain business with a globally operating logistics service provider and worked as project manager for logistics design and operations with a leading European DIY-retailer. Dr Kreie has been teaching intensively in business programs at different universities and further education institutions globally. His research interest is on organizational and network learning, and supply chain risk management to enable the adaptations of logistical systems to a changing environment. Dr Kreie won the International Emerald/EFDM Outstanding Doctoral Research Award for his PhD thesis on “The Adaptation of Supply Chains to Climate Change”. In his current role, Dr. Kreie leads the education unit LEED of the Kühne-Foundation that addresses capacity building in developing countries related to logistics, supply chain management, leadership and strategy.