Andre Wilkes

Communications Intern

Andre is a dynamic, results-oriented professional with a proven record of leveraging the intersection of the private and public sectors; working effectively with legislators, federal agencies, associations, consultants, coalitions, and NGOs in synergy toward the overarching goal of achieving global equity and universal humanity.

Andre remains a transformational leader who employs data-driven strategies and utilizes strong interpersonal communicating skills in view of this goal. In the blossoming of his professional career, Andre has tactically placed himself at the intersection of the private and public sectors by means of his work experience, ranging from the U.S. Department of Commerce to GBSN, in the effort of gaining a unique vantage point on how they interact with and aid each other. Through this vantage point, he aims to capitalize on Corporate Social Responsibility in the private sector to illuminate public policy initiatives.

Attentive to the social climate that exists today, Andre has independently developed service initiatives providing direct relief, such as his Warm the Soles project, and remains a spirited member of organizations, like the NAACP, that share the ambition of achieving universal humanity.

Andre is currently a Dean’s list scholar studying Strategic Legal & Management Communications along with Philosophy at Howard University and plans to continue his studies abroad upon graduation.