Dalston Pung

President, Gedu College of Business Studies
Royal University of Bhutan

Dalston Pung, a Singaporean, is in his mid-30s. He has a background in Economics Development, Accounting and Finance, and Technology Development. He has held significant roles in various organizations, from startups to family offices, contributing to their growth and transformation. 

At Gedu College of Business Studies (GCBS), Dalston Pung is the current president/dean and is instrumental in implementing major academic reforms under the command of His Majesty the King of Bhutan. He works with his team of external and industry experts in making reforms for the business and engineering school. 

His efforts aim to enhance the depth and specialization of different business programs to better prepare students for the job market and meet the demands of both local and global markets.

The reforms include expanding the current degree offerings to marketing, human capital management, business management, accountancy, economics and finance, and business analytics. This initiative reflects Pung’s commitment to improving education quality and aligning it with industry needs. [Link]

Before his involvement with the Royal University of Bhutan, Dalston was in the startup ecosystem. Dalston’s involvement with QIQ Global, a Singapore-based company focused on addressing traffic woes through innovative solutions such as battery technology, showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to leveraging technology for societal benefits.

Dalston Pung is deeply involved in educational reform and technological innovations to create positive societal impacts. His background in finance and accounting, combined with his experience in multinational corporations and startups, positions him as a key figure in driving progress and change in his various endeavors.