Danielle Carreira

Head of Finance Sector Engagement, Tropical Forest Alliance at World Economic Forum

Danielle Carreira is a climate and sustainable finance specialist and brings over fifteen years’ experience developing and implementing multi-stakeholder initiatives that helps the global finance sector to understand and integrate environmental risks and opportunities into investment and lending processes. 

As Head of Finance Sector Engagement at the Tropical Forest Alliance, an initiative hosted by the World Economic Forum, she is responsible for the strategic development, implementation and coordination of a platform, that brings together public policy makers, financial institutions, global companies and commodity producers from key countries, towards an inclusive and collective action agenda to reduce deforestation and¬†accelerate the transition towards more sustainable land use practices.¬†Danielle is¬†a member of the Expert Review Committee of the World Benchmarking Alliance’s Food and Agriculture Benchmark and supports the development of the Food and Agriculture Benchmark. ¬†

Danielle has previously worked at the Principle for Responsible Investment (PRI), the Natural Capital Finance Alliance, Trucost, FTSE Russel, Reuters and Bloomberg. Danielle holds an MA in International Finance and a BSc in Economic Sciences.