David O. Chiawo

Senior Lecturer
Dean, School of Tourism and Hospitality
Strathmore University

David is an Ecologist, a Senior Lecturer and Dean of School of Tourism and Hospitality, Strathmore University. Holds a PhD in zoology (Conservation Ecology). His skills and expertise span teaching, research, conservation, public policy and sustainable development. He has experience in development, and evaluation of projects on biodiversity and ecosystem services, wildlife conservation and management, sustainable land use management, natural resource policy, climate change resilience and enhancing local livelihoods through conservation enterprise. He developed a training manual for green destination guidelines for Kenya under African Wildlife Foundation Project and trained conservancies in Southern and Northern Kenya on conservation and sustainability approaches. His aim is to promote biodiversity conservation while enhancing meaningful gains to local communities at tourism destinations and protected areas, and to mainstream conservation best practices in Kenyan tourism destinations. Research supervisor at Strathmore Business School for public policy and sustainability projects. A member of British Ecological Society, International Network for Next Generation Ecologists. A former EARTHWATCH and Tropical Biology Association fellow and current chair of International Foundation for Science (Kenya chapter).