Deanne de Vries

Dr. Deanne de Vries believes in living life to the full. A 30-year career living and working in 14 countries on 5 continents has shaped her into a polyglot who loves public speaking, writing, being the bridge between different cultures, raising others up, and teaching the “why” behind things.

It has also given her deep experience in emerging markets and solving complex problems by bringing the right people and solutions together.

Today, as a speaker, author and board advisor on Africa and the Middle East, she enjoys demystifying these areas of the world through addressing the intersection of leadership, culture, strategy and inclusion.

Her first book, “Africa: Open for Business” is an international best seller that takes the guesswork out of doing and growing business in Africa through her ABC framework of Appetite, Bandwidth and Capital, showing why now is the time to invest in this vibrant continent.

For her second book, “Africa Reframing Political Leadership” that launches Nov. 1, 2022, she interviewed multiple African Heads of State to learn about their views on political leadership, resulting in a new framework to view, assess and discuss political leadership across Africa that she has termed  “Habitus: Leading from Life”.

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