Dr. Nandi Malumbazo

Senior Lecturer

African Energy Leadership Centre (AELC) and School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

Dr Nandi Malumbazo’s remarkable academic achievements have established her as a valuable and respected mind in  the mining and energy academic spheres. After she graduated her PhD in 2011, she was immediately employed by  CSIR as a Researcher at the Material Science and Manufacturing under Energy and Processes Unit. With in-depth  scientific research background, Dr Malumbazo has also spent nine (9) years as a Chief Scientist at the Council for  Geoscience where she has established a Coal Laboratory for both commercial and research purposes. During her  tenure at the Council for Geoscience, she led various MTEF projects as a Project Manager for a Small Scale Mining  Programme on the Economic evaluation of abandoned Coal Mines for Circular Economy as well as the Shale Gas Karoo  Drilling project.  

Dr Nandi Malumbazo is a Coal Scientists with more than a decade of experience in the coal research to energy sector.  She is currently holding a position as a Senior Lecturer and Researcher on Clean Coal Technology at the School of  Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, University of Witwatersrand. She is also a Sessional Lecturer at the Wits  Business School African Energy Leadership Centre with a focus on Energy Policy and Regulation. Her research interests  are centered on different energy topics and has a keen interest on the “Use of Coal Waste Resources beyond Power  Generation for Circular Economy”, “Just Energy Transition”, “Storage of Carbon Dioxide in Sandstones”, “Shale gas  resource exploration in the Karoo” and “Coal-bed Methane potential in South Africa”. She is also a Non-Executive  Direct at Energy and Water SETA as well as at the National Nuclear Regulator. In addition, Dr Malumbazo holds various  technical advisory membership positions such as the SABS/TC 0265 Carbon Capture and Storage Standard Formulation  Committee, the Council for Geoscience Carbon Capture and Storage Pilot Scale Injection Project and SABS/TC 0323  Circular Economy. Dr Malumbazo has co-authored a book as well as published several peer-reviewed journal articles. 

Dr Nandi Malumbazo is a recipient of the 2022 Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Sub-Saharan Energy  Development award winner as well as the 2023 Women of Stature in Science and Innovation award winner. She also  plays an active role in influencing the energy policy sector through ongoing engagements and involvement in several  government and industry platforms.