Dr. Rima Helal

Ethical Leadership, Visiting Scholar and Researcher

ESA Business School

Rima Helal is a Visiting Researcher and Scholar at CRED Research Center of the ESA Business School in Beirut conducting courses in Business Ethics and Ethical Leadership.

Having earned her doctrate degree in Ethical Leadership from the SBS Swiss Business School in Switzerland, she is currently involved in various research projects such as:

  1. Ethical Leadership in MENA Region: Book Chapter Proposal: Routledge Handbook on Business and Management in the Middle East (September 2022)
  2. Are informal social network practices (wasta)  similar or different across the Middle East: A comparative study between Jordan and Lebanon (In review by the International Journal of Human Resources)
  3. Qualitative investigation of Ethical Leadership in emerging markets (Work in Progress)
  4. The inevitability of institutionalization of ethics in emerging markets and its relationship with ethical leadership: case of Lebanon/Middle East (Work in Progress)

With over 18 years of experience in the telecom field, she assumed various roles in internalĀ audit, ISO standards, risk management and corporate controls. Currently she continues to be the Operational Controls and Contract ManagementĀ Unit Manager at Touch Telecom in Beirut, Lebanon. Ā Rima also maintains her professional career in corporate governance and she runs several consultancy projects in developing ethical leadership and business ethics across organizations. Along this line, she is actively working on establishing an Advocacy Center dedicated to spreading Ethical Leadership in Lebanon and the MENA region.