Dr. Takako Mino

Dr. Takako Mino is a people-centered scholar-practitioner with 10 years of teaching, research, and project management experience spanning 7 countries in Africa and North America. She is currently based in Uganda. Throughout her career, Takako has been concerned with education’s role in fostering young people with the sense of humanity required to effect a positive change and has taken action to promote such an education. In 2011, she implemented the Public Debate Program in East Africa in collaboration with local non-governmental organisations and schools. The program reached over 50,000 students and empowered them with the communication and critical thinking skills required to be active citizens. Takako conducts research on youth-focused challenges and the role of African indigenous philosophies in humanising current educational systems. For her research, she has employed diverse qualitative methodologies including participatory action research, case study, and ethnography.