Gordon Abekah-Nkrumah

Senior Lecturer
University of Ghana Business School

Gordon Abekah-Nkrumah is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Public Administration and Health Services Management, University of Ghana Business School. He holds a PhD in Development Policy and Management (University of Manchester), an MPhil in Health Services Management (University of Ghana) and a Bsc. in Business Administration, (University of Ghana). Gordon’s research focuses on understanding contemporary development policy issues, including health systems, health systems governance and health systems financing, gender and household health, poverty and inequality and food security governance.

In 2014, Gordon worked with Economist from the University of Manchester, IFAD, FAO and WFP to produce a global flagship report (State of Food Insecurity in the World, 2014), with responsibility for analysing food security governance in Malawi and Indonesia. Additionally, Gordon has a rich consulting experience in Ghana’s health sector, having been involved in several assignments both for Government of Ghana and various donor agencies (WFP, FAO, UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO, DFID, DANIDA, WAHOO and the World Bank) on issues of Evidence-based Policy and Practice, Public Financial Management, Health Sector Governance, Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys, Holistic Assessments in the Health Sector, Aid Effectiveness and Poverty. Additionally, Gordon has strong experience at the health facility level, having played a key role in the DANIDA financed Health Sector Improvement Programme (HSIP) in Ghana, which covered all health facilities in the Upper-West region in the mid 2000s as well as using the Peer Participatory Rapid Health Appraisal for Action (PPRHAA) tool assess the performance of CHAG facilities in Ghana.

Gordon is currently (2016) working on several research projects including those funded by the University of Ghana, African Economic Research Consortium (AERC), the International Growth Center (IGC) based in the London School of Economics (LSE) and the West African Health Organisation (WAHO).