Iván Lobo

Assistant Professor at the School of Management

Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Iván Lobo is Assistant Professor in the School of Management at Universidad de los Andes. He joined the School in 2002 as a member of the Social Enterprise Knowledge Network SEKN. His current research is focused on the political economy of socio-environmental conflicts. Specifically, the trade-offs and conflicts that emerge between local communities, business, governments and international aid organisations in the pursuit of sustainable development, with a particular interest in the Pacific region of Colombia, one of the most biodiverse and conflict-ridden regions in the world.

He completed his Ph.D in Development Studies at University College London (2020), an MSc. in Social Policy and Planning at the London School of Economics and Political Science (2014), and an MSc. in Political Science at Universidad de los Andes (2008). Prior to his doctoral studies, his research and teaching focused on four interrelated areas: social and environmental enterprises, socially inclusive business models, inter-sectoral partnerships between businesses and civil society organisations, and business contributions to society. Alongside his research and teaching experience, he has also participated in consultancy projects in Colombia and abroad.

His work is premised on the belief that innovative, interdisciplinary knowledge generation is a necessary condition to advance towards sustainable development, one of the most consequential challenges for societies in the 21st century.