Javed Hamid

Senior Managing Director, International Executive Service Corps

Javed Hamid worked in the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) from 1979 to 2006. He was a member of the management group of IFC and for the last nine years, he was the Regional Director responsible for IFC’s business in East Asia and the Pacific Region. During this period, he was the chief architect of IFC’s investment strategy in China. Before that, Javed held various senior positions in IFC, including manager of IFC investments in Middle East and Central Asia, and Lead Economist of IFC’ Economics Department. Javed took a leave of absence from IFC from 1984-88 and directed the establishment of the first privately financed university in Pakistan, the Lahore University of Management Sciences. Today, LUMS is the leading business school in Pakistan.

Javed chaired the IFC steering committee for the Global Business School Network from 2004-2006. He also chaired the first international conference of African Business School deans in Accra in 2005. Javed has been a regular speaker at international conferences and has published in the Asian Wall Street Journal, the Far Eastern Economic Review, and various other academic journals. He has a BA (Hons) degree in economics from Cambridge University, England, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Javed sits on the Boards of several companies, including an insurance company in Pakistan and a bank training institution in China. Javed is also the chair of the International Advisory Board for the Karachi Business School for the Karachi Education Initiative.