Jens Meyer

Jens Meyer’s teaching and development focuses on innovation and change. His approach is to explore industrial or managerial beliefs, reveal dysfunctional aspects and proposes means and measures to overcome them.

He is the Dean of Programmes at CEDEP and Adjunct Professor at INSEAD, and holds appointments at other academic institutions such as the University of Applied Science of Worms (Fachhochschule Worms).

Jens graduated with an MBA in Innovation, Strategy and Information Technology in 1992 from the French Business School Theseus at Sophia Antipolis. He then went to INSEAD, Fontainebleau, where he co-founded the Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies.

He has developed and taught courses on a variety of subjects including: Cyber-Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurial Innovation in the context of Business Start-ups), Business Intelligence, Fair Process & Change Management, Blue Ocean Strategy & Value Innovation. He has lectured and presented in executive programs and gatherings throughout Europe and the US for more than 50 groups and clients over the last 10 years.

Jens is a cofounder of Strategy Regeneration Ltd. – a company based in Dublin, Ireland which designs and delivers project coaching and facilitation to a broad range of businesses and functions; the Strategy Regeneration offer has been in the market for over two years.