Jillian Gordon

Senior Lecturer of Management, University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School

Jillian is the Director of Learning and Teaching at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, with a strategic remit for all postgraduate and undergraduate programmes and leads on the development, implementation and promotion of the Business School’s learning and teaching   strategy.

Jillian is an experienced entrepreneurship educator with a passion for developing experiential learning courses, which enable students to learn through the practice of entrepreneurship.  She works closely with the entrepreneurial community to design and deliver learning opportunities that provide an outstanding and distinctive learning experience for participants.

Jillian’s research interests are focussed on capital accumulation and recycling by high-net-worth entrepreneurs. She has explored the different ways that entrepreneurs extend their reach from business into the social domain through their philanthropic endeavours, considering inter alia the relevance of commercial practices within complex social environments. Her research on the social processes of capital accumulation and recycling has led her to explore the different forms of support available and accessible for social entrepreneurship. Exploring social investment, philanthropic investment and the absorptive capacity of social ventures for new forms of finance.