John A. Byrne

Chairman, CEO & Editor-in-Chief
C-Change Media Inc.

John’s professional goal has been to cover the great drama of business, to write in compelling fashion about the blood, sweat and tears of corporate and entrepreneurial life. He has always believed that business is hardly dull, but rather filled with great emotion, intellect, ego, and ambition. His goal has always been to capture both the glory and the folly of it. His ultimate aim as a journalist has been to report and write memorable stories with impact, not merely pieces to fit between the ads in a magazine or newspaper. After a reporting and writing career of nearly 30 years–a span in which John wrote 58 cover stories for Business Week and authored or co-authored more than 10 business books–he became an editor-in-chief, first at Fast Company magazine and then at Business while also serving as executive editor of Business Week magazine. His goal had been to lead and motivate highly talented writers and designers, to shape an editorial product so that it is of the highest quality and integrity and differentiated in a very competitive marketplace.

John has been utterly transformed as a result of moving into the digital space. He doesn’t consider it merely another medium. He think of the web as a utility, like electricity, powering new ways of communication and interaction. It’s print, radio, and TV and better than all those other mediums, and it’s so much more.

What a thrilling and incredible time to have the chance to play in this arena now as founder and chief executive of C-Change Media, a digital media company creating niche business websites that combine original, high-quality content, with curation and community to gain distinction and competitive advantage of the Internet. They currently own and operate three websites:,, and