John A. Sweeney

Director at the Qazaq Research Institute for Futures Studies
Narxoz Business School

Dr. John A. Sweeney is an award-winning futurist, designer, and author. At present, Dr. Sweeney serves as an Assistant Professor of Futures and Foresight at Narxoz University where he is also the Director at the Qazaq Research Institute for Futures Studies. He consults widely and has delivered keynote presentations, seminars, and training courses in 45 countries on six continents. As a futurist, John has focused on the impact of new technologies, organizational strategies for surviving and thriving in an increasingly complex world, and transforming policy, planning, and strategy development processes by “using the future” as a resource. John has led, organized, and facilitated strategic planning and foresight projects for a range of clients, including numerous humanitarian and development agencies, government innovation units, and Fortune 500 companies. He tweets on trends, emerging issues, and all things postnormal at @aloha_futures.