Kizito Okechukwu

Kizito is currently the Executive Head of SEA Africa, a research and development firm in Johannesburg South Africa that supports businesses venturing into Africa markets. He is an MBA Graduate and has travelled and worked with key public and private firms in more than 30 African countries. He is a co-founder of the Centre for African Youth Entrepreneurship (CAYE) a non-profit organisation that facilitates entrepreneurship development in high schools and universities.

Kizito is also the managing director of GEN South Africa and the co-chair of GEN Africa, leading the development of the Global Entrepreneurship Network throughout the continent. In 2017, Okechukwu was successful in partnering with the South African Ministry of Small Business Development and the City of Johannesburg to bring the Global Entrepreneurship Congress to Johannesburg, the first time the event had been held in Africa. The event attracted roughly 4,000 participants from 170+ countries.