Lee Rubenstein

Vice President of Business Development

Lee Rubenstein joined, Vice President of Business Development
Lee Rubenstein joined edX in 2012 as VP of Business Development, to help create and launch initiatives in the corporate and government space that expand opportunities for institutions, learners, and employers.  He develops partnerships for edX involving corporations, universities, foundations, NGO’s, and governments around the world, helping to upskill and reskill learners who want to improve their potential through education.  He has established high profile engagements including deployment of Open edX national platforms for countries seeking to upskill their populations including Israel, Jordan, Saudi, and Afghanistan.  In his time he has also developed mission-aligned, edX corporate  members like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and IMF;  who now offer Professional Certificates to edX learners who are building their careers.  Lee has been deeply involved with the formation of the ‘edX For Business’ integrated B2B enterprise solution for corporate customers that is now touching millions of corporate learners; as well as edX’s channels and affiliate business partnerships.   Rubenstein has been building, running, and advising global businesses for 20+ years; incorporating emerging technology, learning, and strategy to help employers and institutions innovate and improve business results through education.  Lee has previously held senior executive leadership roles at several global communications agencies, LMS, and media production companies.  He resides in Massachusetts where he also serves on several boards in the college and healthcare space.