Marie Frochen

Co-Founder and Partner, Ramp-Up Lab

Marie Frochen, Co-Founder and Partner of Ramp-Up Lab, is a seasoned expert with over 12 years of experience and passion for international development, startup acceleration, corporate innovation, and entrepreneurship, and has crafted an unparalleled network of speakers and mentors who share her passion for connecting the world to the tech ecosystems here in the US. Born in West Africa, she worked and lived in Paris before moving to San Francisco to participate to the development of 2 companies before co-founding Ramp-Up Lab (Prime and French Tech Hub).

Initiated and contributed to build quite a few successful projects in the Silicon Valley in various sectors of innovation/technology (Smart Mobility, Smart Cities, Edtech, HRTech). Advised over 200 startups for the US Market.

Ramp-Up Lab is an extension and manifestation of her passion for building communities, connecting the world, and helping teams grow through innovation.

Her specialties include international development, networking, startup, growth, corporate innovation, management.

She is driven by a strong belief in the ability of talent, no matter where it comes from, to build international champions. She brings to entrepreneurs her understanding of technology and market.