Nilanjan Sengupta

Chairman, Centre for Development Studies
Professor, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour
SDM Institute for Management Development in Mysore

Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta is currently working as a as full time Professor in the area of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour at SDM Institute for Management Development in Mysore, India. The Institute is well known for its prestigious program in management with two international accreditations EPAS by EFMD and ACBSP, USA. Dr. Sengupta is currently the founding Chairman of the Institute’s prestigious Centre for Development Studies (CDS) and was also formerly Chairman of the Research Centre For Management studies (RCMS)of the institute.

Dr. Sengupta’s research and consulting interests are in the areas of  OD & Change management, International HRM, Cross-cultural management, Talent management, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, Social Development and Gender Relations, Management Education, Psychology at Workplace.

His teaching interests lie in the areas of OB, HRM, Recruitment and Selection, OD and Change Management, Bushiness Ethics, Strategic HRM and he regularly offers courses in these areas.

He has taught in the management programs offered by foreign universities in India, like University of Michigan, Lubeck University Germany, and Cambridge University UK (British Council Kolkata). He has also worked in the corporate sector covering both the manufacturing and IT sectors in managerial positions. He has consulted with international bodies like The World Bank, E.C. and IFAD (Rome) and OXFAM (India) in a number of international and national projects.

He has an impressive track record of publications with more than 40 papers in national and international journals, conferences and seminars and 5 books in the areas of management and social sciences, respectively. He is in the Editorial and Advisory Boards of several prestigious journals. Dr. Sengupta is a registered PhD guide at VTU, Belgaum & University of Mysore. He is also an empanelled consultant at TRI, Mumbai and ConnectEd, Thailand. He has conducted several training programs in the field of HR and Behavioural Sciences for banks, financial institutions, government organizations, private & corporate sector institutions and NGOs.

Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta has more than two decades of working experience as an educator and practitioner in the field of management. He has worked as a teacher, trainer, researcher and management consultant in national level management institutes like, NIBM Pune, EDI Ahmedabad, IMT Nagpur, and has held important academic and administrative positions in his career.

Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta has a Masters in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has obtained a PhD in Sociology from Visva Bharati University, Shantineketan, West Bengal, India. He has graduated with a Major in Psychology and Sociology from Elphinstone College, University of Mumbai, India.