Ntokozo Ngcwabe

Deputy Director General

Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DRME)

Ms Ntokozo Ngcwabe started her career as an Environmental Officer at the Department  of Minerals and Energy and became a Regional Manager: Mineral Regulation in KwaZulu  Natal. She got promoted to the role of Chief Director: Mineral Policy Development and  later left the employ of government to pursue other professional interests in the energy  sector. She became a Director of Valozone Energy, worked at B2 Gold, a Canadian gold  mining company based in Namibia and Mali, her responsibilities included providing  strategic advice on legal and environmental compliance. She later worked with Keaton  Energy as legal and environmental compliance Advisor. Ms Ngcwabe re-joined the  Department of Mineral Resources and Energy in 2018 as a Deputy Director ‚Äď General responsible for Mining, Minerals and Energy Policy Development. 

She completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography at former Vista University and obtained an Honours Degree in Geography and Environmental Management from  Witwatersrand (Wits) University, she further went to study law and obtained her LLB  degree from the University of South Africa in 2021. Ms Ngcwabe is currently studying  towards a Master of Management in the field of Energy Leadership with Wits Business  School. 

These are some of her notable achievements: 

She leads a dynamic team that strives for excellence in the Public Sector and is currently  championing the oil and gas industry work, global relations and investment promotion.  She was part of the team that drafted the South Africa’s Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan in 2020. She represented South Africa at the United Nations Environmental  Initiatives and in Intergovernmental fora such as the Benguela Current Commission and  the African Diamond Producers Association. She was instrumental in the development of  the Mining Charter, 2010 and Mining Charter, 2018 and oversaw the establishment of the  Mining Growth and Development Task Team with industry social partners. She previously  served as a Board Member of South Africa’ State Diamond and was part of the Black  Industrialists Programme panel of Advisors. She currently serves in the board of MINTEK,  South Africa’s national mineral research organisation and participates in various minerals  and energy committees.  

Ms Ngcwabe is currently representing South Africa in the Kimberley Process Certification  Scheme, an international, multi-stakeholder initiative created to increase transparency  and oversight in the diamond industry, ensure legitimate trade of diamonds and that  responsibly sourced diamonds get to the markets.