Olof Brunninge

Academic Director of International Development Collaboration, Associate Professor Business Administration

Jönköping International Business School, Sweden

Olof Brunninge is Assistant Professor of Business Administration at JIBS. He defended his PhD thesis entitled “Organisational self-understanding and the strategy process. Strategy dynamics in Scania and Handelsbanken” in 2005. The dissertation was awarded the Oscar Sillén Prize for the best doctoral dissertation in business administration of the year in Sweden.


Olof Brunninge´s research interests lie in the areas of strategic management, organisational identity and self-understanding, corporate governance, family businesses, and social memory in organisations. His doctoral thesis is based on extensive case-studies of Handelsbanken and Scania, two highly successful Swedish multinationals. The thesis shows how the self-understanding of the two organisations has contributed to the maintenance of institutional integrity during periods of change. By purposefully relating to their organisational history, Scania and Handelsbanken have succeeded in maintaining a sense of continuity in their strategy processes. Currently, Olof Brunninge is conducting a research project investigating how firms conduct initiatives aiming at formulating, implementing and developing their core values.


Currently, Olof Brunninge is responsible for the International Management course at JIBS. He has previously been Director of Studies at the EMM department at JIBS as well as Programme Manager of the JIBS Master of Entrepreneurial Management Programme. His main teaching interests lie within the areas of strategy and organisation theory. Olof Brunninge has also been teaching at SSE Riga (Latvia), Groupe ESSCA in Angers (France), the University of the Western Cape (South Africa) and Steinbeis University (Germany).