Percy Marquina

Professor Marquina has been the General Manager at Rhone Poulenc, General Manager, Commercial Manager and Marketing Manager at companies linked to the Richard O’ Custer group. He has been a member of several organizations, such as: Rhone Poulenc Executive Committee in Latin America, member of Rhone Poulenc Peru S.A. Board of Directors, President of the Peruvian Marketing Society, Director at AIESEC, member of the advisory committee of the annual marketing congress and strategy and leadership congress, member of the University Council at Universidad del Pacífico, member of the final jury of Effie awards, member of Provida NGO Board, expert member of ISO 26000 social responsibility committee, and a evaluator member of the 2021 award for corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. He has also been a Consultant-Trainer in Strategic Alignment and Commercial Effectiveness certified by Wilson Learning, USA. Professor Marquina is a specialist in marketing, social marketing, ethical consumption, corporate social responsibility, project monitoring and evaluation. He has been a speaker at numerous international conferences.