Peter Igberaese

Founder, Aquatrac Nutrition

Peter Igberaese currently works with Miking & Elis Consult Limited as the Principal Consultant, and he is the Founder of Aquatrac Nutrition. Aquatrac makes insect meal readily available as a potential replacement for fish meal for low-income rural fish and livestock farmers. Along with other co-founders, Aquatrac works with rural farmers and actors in the value chain to offer environmentally friendly insect meal and feed solutions.

Along with farmers’ associations and cooperatives, Peter co-founded the Farmers’ Input Support online platform that links rural farmers to get access to finance from professional workers in urban cities at a reasonable interest rate.

Peter has experience working with private and nonprofit organizations such as the PIND Foundation, USAID-MARKET II, Dimjogs, Morgan Smart Foundation, MADE, Pax Bonum Foundation, CMADI, CHENOMICS, and Urban Foodies) on capacity development and consultancy services in identifying farmers in Nigeria and supporting smallholder farmers to improve their main source of livelihood, moving from subsistence to commercial farming, through the provision of training on best practices, record keeping, business development services, access to loans, and market development. He has held various leadership positions, from business development to production director and director of communication.

Peter is an MBA student at Lagos Business School. He had his B.Sc in Zoology at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, MSc in Fisheries and PhD in Aquaculture from the University of Benin. He also had a diploma in biotechnology, a certificate in grant writing, Managing Non-profit Organization and Marketing with distinction from Harvard Extension School, Digital marketing from the India Institute of Management, Bangalore, Gender, Equity and Leadership from Hass Business School, California, Compassionate Integrity from Life University, and African Management Initiative from GIBS Business School, South Africa. 

He is an award-winning aquaculture expert in nutrition and production. He is passionate about supporting rural youth and women in the agricultural value chain. As a certified Master Service Provider (MSP), he has trained over 5000+ smallholder farmers and supported them in getting access to finance and grants for their business growth.

He is an experienced trainer in corporate governance, business and organizational development and has facilitated training in the private and non-profit sectors.

He is a content creator for the “Back-To-Land” project with Quest TV.

He has held leadership positions through volunteering in several organizations, rising from Secretary to Vice President to President. His participation has played a key role in helping youth and women within the community who would have turned to crime have a means of sustainable livelihood. These have enabled communities to experience less crime incidence and keep youth gainfully engaged.