Peter Thomson


FutureWork Forum

Peter has been fascinated with the organisation of work for most of his career. He has written many articles and blogs about the evolution of new working practices and spoken at numerous conferences on the subject. His current interest is in agile, self-managing organisations.

His interest in the future of work started when he was Personnel Director for Northern Europe in Digital Equipment, which was a pioneering user of technology for teleworking. When he left Digital , Peter became a Visiting Fellow at Henley Business School where he studied the changing patterns of work and the leadership implications of these trends. At the same time he formed Wisework, a leading consultancy in the field of smart working.

In 2011 Peter teamed up with Alison Maitland to write “Future Work” which became a best selling book. His most recent book, “Never Going Back”, was a collaboration with Mark Thomas explaining how the pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work.  Peter is now director of the Future Work Forum, a ‘think tank’ of leading consultants from across the globe.