Rebecca Stromeyer

Founder and Executive Director
Integrated Communications, Worldwide Events (ICWE) GmbH

Rebecca Stromeyer is the Executive Director and founder of ICWE GmbH and Chairman of the Board of the award-winning web portal Internet Course Finders, which is dedicated to education and offers information on all types of educational institutions worldwide. She is also a co-founder of ICEF GmbH, the recognized global leader in international student recruitment and travel for education workshops. Rebecca grew up in an international environment and was raised multilingually. She was born in Kuwait and spent most of her formative years in different countries in the Middle East, the longest time spent in Lebanon.

She studied Slavonic Studies, Comparative Literature, Business Administration and Media Studies in Berlin, Moscow and the UK. This background provided the basis for her first successful exhibition series on languages and multiculturalism, which have been organised in a number of European cities such as Berlin, Budapest, London, Warsaw, Moscow and Prague since 1988. Over the last decade and a half, Rebecca Stromeyer has been organising events and campaigns related to education and training, as well as languages and media in all parts of the world. Her most prestigious enterprise to date is the ONLINE EDUCA conference series whose flagship, ONLINE EDUCA Berlin, she helped launch in 1995.

The annual conference is regarded as the key networking event of the international e-learning industry. ONLINE EDUCA MADRID, first held in 2000, expanded the palette to the Spanish-speaking e-learning community. She founded eLearning Africa in 2006. The first edition of this annual international conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2006. It was followed by subsequent editions in Nairobi, Accra, Dakar, Lusaka, Dar es Salaam and Cotonou. The 2013 edition will held in Windhoek, Namibia from May 29 – 31. The conference is attended by over 1700 delegates from all sectors and ministers from many African nations.

Rebecca is a founding director of E-Cubed Communications, an agency for international communications, marketing and public affairs. She is an advisory member to ELIG and a board member of GDLN Global, a global board overseeing the 120 GDLN affiliates in 80 countries. She is Chairperson of the East Trust, a non profit organization that aims to make a lasting positive impact on education in Africa and she is also a board member of the Drucker Society, a practitioner-led, multi-stakeholder group that builds on Peter Drucker’s fundamental ideas and ideals with the aim of contributing to the evolution of management as a vital piece of a functioning modern society. Connecting people to enhance the educational process is Rebecca Stromeyer’s main focus.