Rob van Tulder

Professor of International Business-Society Management
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM)

Rob van Tulder is a professor of International Business-Society Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). Professor van Tulder has published extensively on topics of multinational enterprise strategies, high-tech industries, corporate social responsibility, issues management, skills, network strategies, smaller industrial countries (welfare states) and European Community/Union policies. He has received numerous accolades for his intellectual and societal contributions. His latest books include ā€˜Getting all the motives Rightā€™ (on driving international corporate responsibility to higher levels), ā€˜Managing the transition to a sustainable enterpriseā€™ (also in Dutch), ā€˜Business and the Sustainable Development Goalsā€™ (RSM series publication), ā€œCorporate Responsibilities in Turbulent Timesā€ (also in Chinese) and the third edition of the ā€œSkill Sheets: An Integrated Approach to Research, Study and Managementā€. Professor van Tulder is co-founder of RSM’s Department of Business-Society Management, a world-leading department on the global issues surrounding sustainability. The department offers a highly successful master’s specialising in sustainability. He is founder and academic director of The Partnerships Resource Centre, an expert centre bringing together leading NGOs, firms and governments in the study and management of cross-sector partnerships for the social good. He supports the creation of other expert centres around the world that try to help companies improve their sustainability strategy together with other societal stakeholders. His recent initiative has been the creation ā€“ together with the University of the Philippines ā€“ of an expert centre around ā€˜inclusive value chainsā€™ (the C4C centre in Manila). Professor van Tulder consults for international organisations, ministries and companies. He teaches executive courses for managers and academics on international strategic management and has been a visiting professor at several international universities.