Sally Shamieh

Instructor and Research Project Manager

CRED Research Center, ESA Business School

Sally Shamieh is an Instructor as well as the Research Project Manager at the CRED Research Center of the ESA Business School in Beirut, Lebanon. With an educational background in public administration and over 15 years of experience in the private sector, Sally has redirected her career path more recently towards academia and research through a DBA at the Swiss Business School in Zurich, Switzerland.  She had previously served as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Kansas, USA and taught management courses at local universities prior to joining ESA Business School. Sally runs several consultancy projects on issues related to corporate social responsibility, human rights, women’s issues and sustainable development. Being able to collate the public as well as the private perspectives, Sally brings a multi-disciplinary outlook to bridging the gap between academia and practice.  Her research interests lie in the intersectionality of gender and human rights, and their interface with sustainable development in disruptive, crisis and conflict contexts of developing countries.

Sally Shamieh is also a political activist fighting for human and citizen rights in Lebanon. She is an active reformist and political advocate for change and reform and has been active in raising awareness among youth.