Shalei Simms

Acting Dean, School of Business at SUNY Old Westbury

Dr. Simms is a skilled academic leader with over 15 years of experience in management education. A social scientist by training, she uses her expertise in identity and decision making to inform factors that can influence strategic decisions. As a member of the Management faculty at SUNY Old Westbury, Dr. Simms focused her efforts on providing access to a high-level management education that can be amplified to serve communities that may otherwise go unreached.

Dr. Simms’ passion for education is evident in her entrepreneurship work. She is committed to using her academic research to positively impact business owners by focusing on the psycho-social factors that may be influencing their decision making. She uses a systems-thinking approach to help them quiet their active minds and create efficiencies in their businesses. Previously, this approach has helped her to coach current and potential entrepreneurs.

Growing up in a service-oriented family in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Simms has taken those lessons to heart. She continues to serve her community and makes sure those lessons are passed on to her family.