Sivenin Synn

PhD Student & Lecturer

National University of Management

During my two-week at GSERM, I explored the two methodological research tools which is Case Study Method and QCA. These methodologies are well suited for complex phenomena contexts and designed to consider case given set of causal conditions to analyze the association between conditions and outcomes. The research approaches allows us to assess the presence and absence of multiple causal conditions. Simultaneously, it can apply to non-statistical samples to study configuration of conditions that may lead to an outcome. It is beneficial to my dissertation.

This scholarship has strengthen my opportunity to learn new theories that led to new discoveries. Throughout the course, I had the opportunity to discuss my dissertation subject with experts and gather available data I was originally interested in. It is an interesting courses because I met dynamic individuals who are willing to discuss theories and philosophies. It is an excellent place in the growth and advancement of education. This program is filled with evidence to promote lifelong learning regarding to research approaches. The practitioner and scholars from all walk of life strived to share valuable knowledge and experience on various topics. The lesson I learned, and knowledge I gained have shaped my skill in research. Lastly, I encourage all of you to experience the GSERM for yourself.