Writing Teaching Cases

In this 8-part video series, Editor in Chief of Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, Dr. Jyoti Bachani advises authors on the preparation of teaching cases for international dissemination amongst educators worldwide.

Writing Cases

An article by Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan comparing a case study research methodology and a teaching case study.

How to Write a Teaching Note

A how-to guide on writing teaching notes by Professor Lief Sjlobom from IMD Switzerland.

Writing Teaching Cases: A Quick Reference Guide

A detailed reference paper on writing teaching cases by Ali Farhoomand, Director of the Center for Asian Business Cases at the University of Hong Kong.

Writing a Teaching Case

Interview with Dietmar Sternad and Katri Karem about writing a teaching case.

Columbia CaseWorks

Columbia CaseWorks leverages the energy, creativity, and intellectual capital of Columbia Business School and provides a bridge between theoretical and practical business knowledge. CaseWorks cases may be obtained through Study.net, XanEdu or the Columbia CaseWorks website.

The Case Centre: Free Case Studies

As a useful resource for case teachers, and to encourage the growth in case use, The Case Centre provides educators with access to a growing range of free cases from a variety of case producing schools.

Aspen Institute's CasePlace

CasePlace is an online library of reading materials, multimedia content, and teaching modules that focuses on social, environmental and ethical issues in business.

William Davidson Institute's GlobalLens

A division of the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, GlobaLens offers a large catalog of international business and social impact materials, in addition to core business cases.

Association for African Business Schools Database

Over 250 African case studies are listed in the AABS case study database. The database shows the details of the case study and the abstract. To order the case study you will need to contact the institution or case clearing house listed alongside the case study.

CEEMAN Case Collection

Cases from CEEMAN’s previous Case Writing Competitions. The aim of the competition is to encourage and promote the development of high-quality case material relevant for the realities of transitional and emerging economies and at the same time promote the development of case-writing capabilities in those countries.

MIT Sloan Teaching Innovation Resources

MIT Sloan Teaching Innovation Resources (MSTIR) is a collection of teaching materials, including case studies, industry notes, and management simulations, that MIT Sloan provides as a free teaching resource open and available to the world.

European Entrepreneurship Case Study Resource Center

This EU funded initiative involved the development of 30 new case studies, one from each of the 27 EU member countries, and one each from Liechtenstein, Norway and Russia.

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies Resources

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies is a new online collection of peer-reviewed case studies focusing on business decision-making and management development throughout key global emerging markets.

Ivey Cases and Books: Engaging Emerging Markets

On this site is a high volume of quality case materials, workshops, text books, and practitioner books Ivey has developed which are related to emerging markets.

Harvard Cases

HBP provides participant-centered learning materials that enhance management education worldwide.

Asia Case Resource Center

The Asia Case Research Centre is a research centre affiliated with The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Business and Economics. Established in 1997 to address a growing demand for research and instructive materials relating to Asian business, the Centre now boasts a repository of context-rich cases drawn from a vast range of industries and disciplinary areas.

Acadia Institute of Case Studies (AICS)

The Acadia Institute of Case Studies (AICS) is a non-profit centre in the School of Business Administration at Acadia University that develops educational resource materials to assist educators and instructors in the classroom by providing innovative and enhanced “teaching tools” which reflect “real-world” situations.

World Council for Sustainable Development Case Studies

The WBCSD (World Council for Sustainable Development Case Studies) offers tools to support the implementation of sustainable development into business strategy and operations. From guidelines to measurement, footprinting to accounting, these tools cover a variety of topics across the WBCSD’s work program.

Bell Teaching Case Studies

BELL teaching cases explore sustainability related business challenges and capture business decisions that identify environmental challenges as business development opportunities. They are now freely available via the catalog on the website.

The Times 100 Business Case Studies

The Times 100 Business Case Studies is a long-established and trusted brand, providing a unique, powerful and immediate resource for teachers and students of business studies. Each of The Times 100 Business Case Studies is constructed around a key element of the business studies curriculum. By using real information and issues from the sponsoring companies, the case studies bring to life the complexities of business and help students engage and learn by giving them relevant context.

IBS Case Development Center

Free case studies from the Asia Pacific’s largest repository of management case studies.

Writing Cases for Teaching Entrepreneurship

This article based on a workshop held at the ICSB World Conference in S. Korea and presented by Dr. Thomas Cooney covered the best practices of how to write a case and some fundamental assumptions that all educators need to know when considered writing or using a case.

Case Method Teaching

Advice on preparing for class, what to expect from students and how to lead a case discussion from the UVA Teaching Resource Center.

An Introduction to Case Method

An explanation of the basics of case method by The Case Centre

Developing Countries on the Case

Emerging economies are discovering benefits of using the case method in management education.

Accreditation: Getting Cases Recognized

This article explores ways in which case activity can currently contribute to accreditation and provide a checklist of measures which may help schools integrate them more fully to their advantage.

The ABC's of Case Teaching

A set of guidelines to “adapt not adopt” to your own personal teaching style and level of comfort.

oikos Case Quarterly: Teaching Cases in Action

In this regular publication, oikos creates a forum for discussing methods of teaching sustainability, management and entrepreneurship using case studies through interviews and commentary from leading case writers.

Getting Started: Case Method in Practice

“Is case method teaching an art or a craft? Although some instructors seem to be “born” case teachers, for most it is learned over time through careful study and practice.”

Case Writing Guide

Article on writing cases by Ali Farhoomand from the University of Hong Kong.

A Simplified Approach of Writing Cases

Article by the Chair of the Academy of International Business, MENA chapter and Regional Editor Middle East, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies

Case Organization

Chapter from Writing Cases, 4th Edition / Learning with Cases, 4th Edition (Book Set)

Case Primer

Article on writing cases by David Wylie from Babson.

Best Practices and Inspirational Solutions to Fighting Poverty Through Management Education

The Collection is the initial version of the future online platform from which management educators around the globe could benefit, but also contribute to by sharing their own experiences on including poverty-related issues into management education. Several case studies that can be used in teaching sustainability-related subjects, and particularly on the topic of poverty reduction, are mentioned.

Why I Use the Case Method to Teach Accounting

Class discussion about case studies – the case method- can be an extremely effective way to teach accounting. The case method can achieve the basic objectives that almost all instructors have for courses in accounting, and it provides practice that can enhance students’ abilities to continue learning throughout a lifetime.

The Real Time Case Method: Access to Real-Time, Real-World Cases

University of Massachusetts uses the Real-Time Case Method (RCTM) to overcome the limitations of the conventional case method by providing extended, in-depth coverage and real-time interactivity with the case company.

Collection of Articles on Case Teaching

Harvard Business School Publishing, the primary resource for HBS cases, also provides materials on case method teaching, and case writing. The list below highlights some helpful starters. (Access may be restricted to registered Educators)

The Efiicacy of Case Teaching in an Asynchronous Online Environment

This article reports on a study that compares the use of case method teaching in face-to-face and online asynchronous environments.

How to Write a Business Case

This note outlines the structure of a business case, and includes the basics of style, objectivity, references, etc. After reading this note, you should be able to write a standard business case.

Teaching and Writing Case Studies: A Practical Guide

Part One of this practical guide explains the benefits and techniques of the case teaching method. Part Two introduces the reader to the case writing process.

Teaching with Cases

Teaching with Cases includes preparation for class using the case teaching plan, classroom management, evaluation of student contributions to class discussions, case use variations and case use in a non-case environment.

Writing Cases

Case writing is identified as a three-phase process, and the book guides the reader through each phase.