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Rotterdam School of Management – Research Magazine Out Now

The latest issue of RSM Discovery magazine explores how supply chain and logistics are putting into motion the measures needed to keep supplies on the move for 21st century business around the world.

The importance of resilient and responsible supply chains has recently come into sharp focus, and the world continues to face challenges such as wars, natural disasters, pandemics and geopolitical tensions.

These shocks and emerging crises have put a spotlight on the importance of the way supply chains are designed and managed. One little hiccup in the supply chain – for example when the container ship Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal in 2021 – can hold up global supply chains. There is a growing realization that global supply chains can deliver great economic efficiencies but that they also contain weaknesses and risks. Consumers, governments, civil society, and employees are calling for, if not legally demanding, more transparency and greater accountability about the choices organizations make in supply chain management (SCM) and the impact these choices have on a wide variety of stakeholders.

In this special issue of RSM Discovery, our SCM faculty and senior executives shine a light on recent projects and management transitions that deal with aspects of making supply chains more resilient and responsible. Read the latest issue of the RSM Discovery magazine for digestible insights into the sector from research and practice.