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University of The Witwatersrand | Launch of New Book: “Digitalising Operations”

A sensible “how-to” approach to digitalizing your organization’s operations

Practical Case Studies in Digitalising Operations (Juta), written by Wits Business School’s Dr Pius Oba and Dr Michael Sony, is a useful handbook designed to take the mystique out of automation and digitalisation. It provides a practical perspective as to how to digitalise a company’s operations using examples from various South African organisations.  

The success of an organization depends on the performance of its operations. Digitalizing operations has now become critical for any business wanting to gain a competitive advantage, build value and create a compelling customer experience.

But what does it take to fully digitalize an organization’s operations, and where does one start? A new book has just hit the business bookshelves which is designed to take the reader through the journey of digitalization in a practical and accessible way.

The book uses a clear, step-by-step approach and avoids technical jargon, making it accessible for those who may not have technical experience or expertise.

About the authors

Dr Pius Oba is a leading engineer and seasoned operations management, digital technology and energy expert with over 25 years of high level technical, business, research and management experience in power, oil & gas, supply chain and manufacturing, both in South Africa and abroad.  He is a Senior Lecturer in Technology and Operations Management at Wits Business School.

Dr Michael Sony is a highly published academic in the areas of production and operations management, quality management, industry 4.0 and quality 4.0.  He is the author of two books on quality management in higher education and around 70 articles in international journals.  He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Digital Business at Wits Business School.