Preparation of Professional Development Course – Orientation to Case Study Teaching

Trained Public Policy faculty from across Africa to integrate cases into the classroom

Orientation to Case Study Teaching (OCST) is a largely unfamiliar pedagogical approach to the majority of graduate level teaching staff outside of some African business schools and individuals who may have encountered case study teaching while participating as graduate students in programs outside the region. The case method, while established in business programs, is particularly relevant for public policy education and the social sciences because it imparts the practical skills needed for effective leadership. The universities that do utilize case study teaching are faced with two challenges, limited capacity of teaching staff to use the approach and finding cases that are relevant to the local context.

GBSN was commissioned by Partnerships for African Social & Government Research (PASGR) to design, prepare materials and deliver a pilot of a generic case study teaching course. In support of its mission, PASGR collaborated with a number of African universities to create the Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP). The collaborative MRPP program was created by PASGR to equip graduates to pursue scholarly research, teach and contribute to positive public policy development in Africa. The course content, GBSN was commissioned to design and execute, was to provide a foundation for other case study teaching courses that address the needs and concerns specific to an array of social science disciplines. In addition to the workshop design and delivery, GBSN participated in a workshop with PASGR at the Hertie School in Berlin, Germany, where GBSN had the opportunity to share experience in building case method capacity in Africa and the particular challenges to using the case method in an African context.