Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Competitiveness Project

Trained and mentored faculty to develop hundreds of local teaching cases in Kenya and Senegal

To build capacity of Kenyan faculty through the training and mentoring process, GBSN participated in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Competitiveness Project (MSME). Funded by the Government of Kenya via IDA credit from the World Bank, the project’s aim was to strengthen the MSME competitiveness in Kenya by the quality and accessibility of training. GBSN provided guidance to the local implementing partners on the design and execution of program activities. This included strengthening the curriculum and development/integration of locally relevant cases to increase effectiveness of the training available for entrepreneurs and owners of MSME’s, providing advice on the faculty training workshops, offering guidance on peer mentoring within the partner schools, support in the development of short courses for managers of MSME’s who do not have the time and/or resources to become full time business students, and supporting the local implementer in the development of work plans and evaluation tools.