Developing an Entrepreneurship Program in Nigeria

Aided the development of a “Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management” in Nigeria that became a model for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program

To address the training needs of small enterprises and entrepreneurs in Nigeria, GBSN assisted Lagos Business School’s Enterprise Development Center to expand its small enterprise training programs to include a series of short courses in key management topics, culminating in an entrepreneurship degree program. These courses formed the basis of a degree program for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that included business plan development and access to other services.

The pilot program involved three components: through discussions and visits with one or more GBSN schools with expertise in entrepreneurship, LBS developed a strategy for SME training through its new entrepreneurship center that includes a set of approximately 12 specific courses, related cases and content, business plan development, and access to additional services. Through mentoring by GBSN member school faculty, LBS faculty developed and tested 12 courses for SMEs. As part of the course development, LBS faculty developed at least 2 cases per course with the assistance of mentors and support from a research associate.