Developing a Premier Institution in Management and Executive Education in Bangaledesh

Produced a feasibility study for a new business school in Bangladesh


Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh and its largest seaport. Many major companies are located in Chittagong and in recent years the city has undergone major infrastructure investment and development. Owing to its prime location with easy trade access to India, Nepal, and China, Chittagong is seen as crucial to economic development, not only for Bangladesh, but also for neighboring countries. Chittagong is an excellent location to build a premier institution addressing the management talent shortage.

GBSN partnered with the Chittagong Skills Development Center to pursue the development of a premier institution in management and executive education, known as the Chittagong Institute of Management. The partnership facilitated the implementation of a feasibility study conducted to produce an appropriate institutional model and business plan for the Chittagong Institute of Management. GBSN also supported the implementation of Executive Education Program, which was based on the results of the feasibility study and on the advice of an International Advisory Council.